Former Ghanaian President, JJ Rawlings Finally Reveals Why He Stayed In Power For 19 Years

Jerry John Rawlings, Ghana’s Former President has voiced out on why he managed to stay in power as a president for long time which made him to be the longest serving president the country has ever had.

According to Rawlings in a speech he made when
the Chiefs and Queen mothers from the Ave Traditional Area in the Volta Region paid him a visit in his residence,  that paid a courtesy call on him at his residence, he stated that, his eagerness and willingness to help the country as well as his support against lies and thieves made him to succeed for such long.

He added that, he did not come into power to steal nor lying to the people and also went to a lot of sacrifices in order to build a better Ghana.

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Such good works he did earlier also won him the election which means the people supported and trusted him to be the one who will bring hope and relief to them and because of such things, it motivated him the most to work hard and to implement his values and principles

Ending his statement, he also made it known that, what actually sustained him on the seat and also made him a good leader for the people of Ghana was his principles of truth, justice, and fair play and he was not a materialistic person which made him to focus on the countries development more than stealing the country’s money for material gains.

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