Total Amount Of Money Made By Asaase Radio From Shatta Wale And Stonebwoy SoundClash Votes – Check Out


Asaase Radio’s soundclash program between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy was really a pull power from them as it was never thought from anywhere that a thing like such can happen.

They just didn’t do it for doing sake but they really planned it well and has milked enough cool cash from fans of both camps as well.

Reading some conducted calculations on one of the known blogs, it can be seen that, the soundclash has generated an estimated amount of GHS160,045,50 from the total votes casted before the show and that is jus for the clash which excludes the launching votes.

Shatta Wale led the votes at the end of the final time with 160,538 whiles Stonebwoy got 159,553 votes which makes the total number of votes for both sides to be 320,091.

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Each vote was GHS0.50 which means to find the total amount, 0.50 will be multiplied by 320,091 which will arrive us at GHS160,045.50 making it the total amount made through votes and that is quite a huge sum from a great show.

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