Ghanaian Men Are Stingy, They Should Wise Up And Learn From Generous Naija Guys – Ghanaian Lady Says – Watch Video

An experienced which has been carried by a Ghanaian lady has finally come to an end which states that, at the end of the experiment, Ghanaian men are more stingy than Nigerian men.

From the lady’s perspective, she requested MoMo from 5 Ghanaian men and 5 Nigerian men and the outcome shows Ghanaian men hardly gives but Nigerian men are generous and easily open their arms to give.

The Ghanaian men who refused to send the money asked her numerous questions like what she’s using the money for and why she needed the money and even after all that, they didn’t send her the money.

She claim this act makes Nigerian men to proposer more than Ghanaian men because, Nigerian men gives when they have and that makes God to bless them. She then advised Ghanaian men to learn from Nigerian men so they can also prosper.

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As to why she didn’t go out to work and earn her own money and decided to ask people for MoMo is her own wahala to solve.

Video below…

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