Woman Left Without A Forehead After Her Knees Smashed It During An Accident – Photos

A woman with the name Grainne Kealy’s in some way has narrated her story on how she lost her forehead in a car crash after she saw people doing the same thing she did and lost her forehead.

She was traveling with her boyfriend in his Jeep at 120mph and ­laid her feet on the dashboard of the car when the accident happened and in the process, her knees were forced into her face by the airbag that inflated under her feet.

Woman left without a forehead when her knees slammed into her face in car crash

She’s now 36 but the sad incident which has completely turned her life upside down happened when she was just 22 years old and till now, she’s still recovering from the accident.

She was rushed to hospital with multiple facial fractures and she had a ­cerebrospinal fluid leak from her brain which required treatment by a neurosurgeon at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital.

Woman left without a forehead when her knees slammed into her face in car crash

For the start, her forehead bone were totally damaged, so doctors removed them which made her look strange.

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In a granted interview, she made it known that, she was told by the doctors that, her forehead has been pushed in by her knees and thus, they will have to pull it back together but at the end, it gave her a lot of problems and her even though the operation was successful and thus, they totally removed it afterwards.

A custom Italian ceramic forehead was replaced in 2009 but yet still, she’s not who she was with her natural forehead as she’s still suffering from minor complications.

Woman left without a forehead when her knees slammed into her face in car crash

According to her, she has been constantly loosing words while in the middle of a conversation and it can happen 20 times a day which has been accompanied by headaches when too many people are conversing around her and she looses focus in such state which prevent her from going into crowd.

She has now turned herself into an ambassador and has been spreading vital messages around with herself as an example of how people should comport theirselves whiles sitting in a vehicle by not putting their legs on the dashboard especially.

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