Hilarious: Angry Elephant Attacks Bicycle Rider Who Was Mocking Him And Seizes His Bicycle – Watch Video

A hilarious video going round on social media so a moment where an elephant who seems angry attacked a bicycle rider and seized his bicycle.

The rider who may have been making fun of the elephant was not smart enough to run away when the elephant got angry and was caught by the elephant who bullied him to the grounds.

The man out of fear could not even try to make an attempt to run but was rather lying on the floor whiles he get mopped by the elephant.

People where heard from the background shouting at the elephant to stop as they all seems to be afraid going near to help the bike man and all they could do was to shout from afar.

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After the elephant turned deaf eyes to the shout, the people turned to the man who was getting mopped on the floor to run away which he did at the right time and left his bike behind whiles he run away with his legs alone.


Watch the video below.

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