Nigerian Man Receives Free Supply Of Indomie Carton For Six Months After He Returned N1.8M He Found In One Of The Box He Bought

Nigerian man with name not known bought a carton of Indomie noodles and upon opening the box, he found N1.8M inside the carton and returned it back.

This gesture made by the man has shocked a lot of people across social media as some believe what he did was good and others also condemned him for returning the money but when the man was asked what made him to return the money, he boldly said the money is not his so he had no reason to keep it.

This nice gesture from the man has earned him a good reward as he wiill be given free supply of Indomie cartons for 6 months.

This news was spotted on twitter from an account with handle name, @Port Harcourt Media and lot of people reacted to it with good reply and others also bashed him.

Check some of the comments below and also reply in the comment box what you also think.

How can you kneel and pray for a miracle;God answers and all you do is return your blessing? In as much as you trying to be good in the society, please don’t be a FOOL. And he was just rewarded with 6months supply of indomie?”

“Truth has perished in this generation, doing good has become madness. If it were your N1.8 million I bet you’d be praying to God to get it back intact, so how can God answer your prayer if someone else found it and thought God answered his prayer too.“

“If the man has failed to return the money and they caught him, it is the same people condemning him now that will be shouting “the man is a thief”. Man you’ve done well. Let them say anything they like, you’ve done well.”

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