5 Years Old Kadijah Dead After She And Her 8 Years Old Sister Was Reportedly Raped By Their 24 Years Old Cousin (Photos)

It becomes so sad when news like this reaching our ends for it to be reported.

News reaching us today indicates that, a young man who could be in the region of 24 years or above has assaulted his 5 years old and 8 years old cousins.

According to reports, one of the cousins with the name, Kadijah died as a result of the numerous assault.

The late Kadijah and her rapist

Kadijah and her cousin

Kadijah and her sister’s father who is a Congolese national but lives in USA has separated from their mother and has been trying his possible best to take custody of the girls but has all proven futile.

The mother who prevented the girls from moving to USA to live with their father sent the girls to their Auntie in Sierra Leone who also has a grown up son.

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The son of the girls auntie started raping Kadijah’s sister who is 8 years old and when the mother later found out, she decided to hide it and treat the girl herself instead of reporting his son.

The late Kadijah and her rapist

Kadijah and her cousin

The son after that, turned to Kadijah and started assaulting her as well and this time, it didn’t went well as Kadijah through the act died and when the doctors examine her, it was reported that, she died through continuous defilement.

Kadijah’s auntie was then arrested and upon several questioning from the police, she later opened up and told the police that, her son is the cause of what has happened to the girls.

The police did not hesitate as they arrest the cousin of the late Kadijah.

The arrest and thorough investigation on this matter was made after several protest from top celebrities and others were made to the public which pushed authorities to act on the matter.

The late Kadijah' rapist and her mother

Kadijah’s cousin and her auntie

As at now, the auntie and cousin of the late Kadijah are under police custody as they are still being investigated.


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