There Is A Bigger Earthquake Ahead And We Should Be Prepared To Face It – Ghanaian Scientist Warns With More Details

Mr Nicholas Opoku who is a Senior Seismologists that studies earthquake and planet activities and their effect on earth at the Geological Survey Authority in Ghana has given Ghanaians a stern warning about the earth tremor that happened in Ghana some few days ago.

The tremor happened in Accra,Tema,Kasoa and some part of Eastern Region in Ghana.

As for the date and time where the major earthquake will happen, Mr Opoku didn’t open up that much but all that he was emphasizing on was that, Ghanaians should be prepared to face it ahead.

He said,”very soon, a major earthquake will happen. As to when it will happen, it can’t be communicated but it will surely happen. So we have to prepare ahead so that we won’t be taken by surprise.

He also emphasized that, more attention should be focused in the major cities in the country since there are more people living there and more times, there is overcrowding.

He also advised that, the weaker buildings should be brought down and those in the earthquake zones should also be demolished to prevent any disasters ahead if such things happens in the future.

Mr Opoku made all this know one an interview on GBC radio and said a lot about how the country should prepare herself to face the disaster ahead.

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