Very Soon, You Will Be Able To Send And Receive Money Via WhatsApp (Check Out How)

According to a post spotted on Forbes and as well as WhatsApp main blog, WhatsApp has announced their new development on digital payment for people and business companies.

For now, it has started in Brazil and very soon, it will be made possible across the world as they are still making sure everything is placed well in order.

This new development from WhatsApp will make you able to make payment and as well as receive money via the app and it will be as easy as sending a WhatsApp message.

For now, payment will be supported by debit cards and credit cards of certain companies. But that won’t be the end as the company has stated that, they will soon welcome more partners to join their service.

Also, the security attached to the service will require a six digit pin or fingerprint before you can complete transaction.

Facebook pay has already started these kind of transaction service and it is available in some small part of USA and UK. But WhatsApp also introducing theirs will be a massive boost as millions of people are also using WhatsApp and the arrival of both payment in more countries will also be a positive vibe.

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