So Sad As Ghanaian Man Dies In China after 2 Hospitals Refused To Admit Him Because Of His Skin Color (Watch Video+Photos)

Eric Harlem, a Ghanaian man living in China has been refused medical attention because he is black and due to that, it has led to his demise.

This happened in Yantei, Shandong Province in China.

From a video we’ve come across, Eric Harlem was refused medical attention from two different hospitals in China as they denied him entry into the hospital premises just because he is black.

In the video, a man who it is believed was the one who sent Eric to the hospital was heard pleading and shouting to the officials at the hospital that, even though Eric is black, he has lived in China for a very long time and even has a health code in China so he deserves to be treated but all that he said was debunked by the officials.

Eric in the process of all this died since he was not able to get proper health attention immediately.

This is a very bad action as the world at the moment is fighting against white people killing blacks. Black live matters and all this has to stop because we are all human and deserves the best together.

Watch video video


Check photos Eric Harlem below;

Eric HarlemEric Harlem

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