65 Years Old Grandmother Marries Her 24 Years Old Adopted Son (Photos)

A 65 years old woman has said yes to his adopted son who is just 24 years old.

The old woman with the name,Mbah Gambreng and his adopted son, Ardi Waras has tied the knot in an Islamic wedding which took place in Indonesia’s South Sumatra.

The 24 years old son was adopted by the woman in 2019 and has been living together with the son and her two daughters since then.

The woman told the son some months ago that, he’s old enough to be a married man and therefore it’s time for him to bring a woman home for her blessings.

From what was read, the son after hearing that made his preparations and proposed to the mother and according to her, she was so surprised when the son proposed but it was so difficult to reject the son’s proposal and that’s why she said yes to him.

She said;To my surprise, he said he wanted to marry me, it was so difficult for me to say no to him.”

Ardi allegedly paid the bride price as per their customs where the groom or groom’s father gifts money or other valuables to the bride as dowry.

The happily got married in the presence of some few family members including her three adopted daughters.

See photos of their marriage ceremony below;

Mbah and Ardi

grandma marries

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