Forget Contraceptives, These Natural Remedies Can Help Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy With No Side Effect

The chances of getting pregnant after unsafe sex has been reduced drastically due to the mass number of things which has been brought out by medical sciences.

In our olden times, all that we knew were the use of condoms and contraceptives and most contraceptives also comes with its side effect like irregular periods, headache and more but since we have no choice we have to take it and later bear the consequences.

But sciences has brought out a lot of natural remedies that can also be applied to prevent unwanted pregnancies with no side effect.

Without wasting much time, let see some natural remedies that can be applied to prevent unwanted pregnancies with no side effect according to what we saw on dailyhunt .in and decide to also compile ours.


Just like any other contraceptive, the white seed found inside castor fruit can also prevent pregnancy. Consume one of the seeds inside the castor fruit within 72hours after your intercourse or you can also prefer to take a seed each from the very first day the semen was released inside you for three days for best results.



Having a piece of rock salt in your hands, dip it in a sesame oil for 2 to 5 minutes and apply it below with a cotton for 100 seconds. This method prevents the sperms from reaching the womb so that there won’t be any contact to cause any pregnancy.


This practice must be done right after your intercourse with your partner. Grind the dry mint leaves till it becomes powdered and save it in a container. Right after the intercourse, mix a tablespoon of your grounded dry mint leaves with a hot water and drink it.


Boil 500ml of water with 50grams of rock salt and leave it for it to settle. 5 minutes after your make out, wash your private part with the rock salt water to kill the sperms that was released inside you. This method also helps prevent pregnancy since it kills the sperms to prevent it from functioning inside you.



Grind your long pepper, Emelia Ribs and Lead Oxide which can also be termed as ‘suhaga’ all together till it becomes powdered and pour them into a neat container. During your period, mix your powdered mixture with a glass of milk and drink it. This method will help prevent pregnancy in that particular month you did it.

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