5 Secret Foods That Can Make Both Men And Women Last Longer In Bed

Every lover would have loved to satisfy his/her partner when they meet in bed but some people are deprived from that due to some health related issues.

But that does not end as there is a solution for every problem in this world and therefore, I have decided to list some few natural foods that can help you last longer in bed when regularly taken before going into action with your partner.

According to research, most natural foods that helps one to last longer are in fruits and vegetables so I will urge you to load more fruits and add it to your daily meals.

I will not say this is a 100 percent solution to all men and women who are suffering from those issues but in some other way, it has been proven and tested that, it can help you curb some short term lasting in bed.



Banana is best for men especially since it can also help boost how long you can last in bed. Eating lots of banana makes you last longer in bed as well as makes you strong and hard during erection.



Do you know why red grape helps in making one last longer in bed, this is because red grape contains boron which produces estrogen as well as testosterone and the increase in the production of these two in the human system means you will be in the mood to take action in bed with less effort because it is a natural viagra according to research. You can prefer to eat it raw or have it in a non alcoholic wine or in a juice form.



The Avocado fruit is rich in folic acid which makes it produces excess energy for you to last longer in bed as you wish.



Yoghurt is best for ladies since it works most in balancing the female vagina’s PH level making you feel more sweetness during intercourse as well as makes you feel for it longer.



Watermelon is one common fruit which can be found in every fruit market without any stress. This fruit helps in relaxing the human blood vessels which in the process makes your urge to take action in bed arouse and makes you look like a hungry lion who is ready to pounce on its prey. 


There are a lot to mention but few has been selected to help you understand it better. Taking in spicy foods also helps boost your urge to take action in bed because spicy foods opens the blood vessels and increase blood flow which just like grapes increase the production of testosterone. Spicy foods are best for both men and women. Not leaving Nuts behind, it also helps one to last longer in bed. Nuts like peanuts,tiger nuts,coconuts,walnuts are the best choice.

Before i end, I would also like to recommend foreplay because it also helps in making one last longer since it prolongs the act. It makes you tease your partner before the act and when you successfully makes your partner reaches orgasm before the act, he/she can go longer than expected.

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