10 Expensive And Luxurious Cars Seized From Hushpuppi By FBI After His Arrest (Video)

A lot has happened ever since the arrest of Hushpuppi by the FBI came into existence. After the arrest of Hushpuppi, we have gathered some information that, the account of Hushpuppi has been frozen as well as all his properties.

Hushpuppi has been monitored for a while by the FBI and based on some vivid evidence, the arrested him for money laundering after he was linked with some cases of fraud.

The Interpol according to what we heard arrested Hushpuppi for a fraud of $35million on a COVID-19 ventilator which was to be given said to be given to the Americans to fight against the pandemic disease.

Hushpuppi has lived a very lavish life throughout and it is no surprise on the kind of properties he has achieved in his life. Hushpuppi’s 10 most expensive cars was also seized by the Interpol.

Below is a video of Hushpuppi’a 10 most expensive cars and that must tell you the kind of lavish lifestyle the Nigerian big boy has been living so far.

The video below has all the details;


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