How Shatta Wale,Sarkodie,Wendy Shay And Other Ghanaian Artiste Will Look Like If They Were Of The Opposite S3x(Photos)

With the use of the viral FaceApp, we were able to detect or have a glimpse of how our dear Ghanaian artiste will look like if they were to be of the opposite s3x.

Check images below and give your comment on who would have looked nice or the other way round and let’s interact.



Shatta Wale never changes even in his female form. He looks like the our own Shatta Wale we know but this time with a longer hair and a smooth face



In my  opinion,Sarkodie in his female form according to FaceApp looks very pretty. I will have to look at him twice before I can even recognize this is Sarkodie.



Queen of Shay Gang in his male form would have looked quiet different but also cute with his newly found hair around his mouth and an Afro attached.




1Gad in his female form according to FaceApp looks quiet like him with a very shiny face and a wig included. If there were to be a female 1Gad who looks this this, then I would have say he has a twin sister.



I looked at this picture more than twice before I realized this is Samini because he has totally changed and looks very beautiful as well.



Patapaa in his female form looks quiet old but in all, he resembles the Patapaa we all know. Just like stonebwoy, I would have said this is Patapaa’s twin sister.


Gospel Singer, Patience Nyarko would have been a fat man If she were to be a man. Looking at her cheeks and the neck of his male form, I am practically right.


Ghana’s female rap goddess is a giant in her female form and so would she have been in her male form. She has really changed with the hair getting cut and now with a beard, she looks really huge.



Female  Medikal would still bear the swag of its brother with a long hair and a makeup face I guess. He looks cute and the race is does not seems to be someone who would have a huge body stature like the Medkal we know.



Mr Drew looks very pretty in his female looks just like he is handsome in his male looks. The freshness runs in the genes but he has really changed in his female form.

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